•Soul realignment


4 x 1 hour hypnosis session.

There are two kinds of self-sabotage
that prevent us from following through
on developing new habits and reaching
our goals.

The 1st kind of self-sabotage
happens at the level of ego. Ego-level
self-sabotage is rooted in our survival
instincts in the most ancient part of our
brain. The ego will defend itself against
anything new and different by playing a
few tricks on us. The ego’s favorite
tricks include a sudden loss of interest,
procrastination, distraction, and
irrational discomfort or even fear.
Ego-level self-sabotage usually hits us
at the beginning of a new venture.

The 2nd kind of self-sabotage happens
when our new venture is simply not
aligned to who we are, at Soul-level.
The symptoms of Soul-level self-sabotage
are completely different. They don’t
arise at the beginning of a new path or
project. Our Soul will never stop us
from taking new action. If we haven’t
taken nearly enough action where new
results can realistically be expected
we really don’t know if we are aligning
to our Soul’s self-expression or not.
Soul-level self-sabotage feels like
we’re coming up against the same
invisible wall, over and over again.
We’re taking massive action – we’ve
approached the wall from all different
sides, we’ve tried to jump over it, dig
under it, pole-vault over it, smash it
and still, we can’t seem to get past it.
We’re investing huge amounts of effort,
and yet, have barely any results to
show for it.

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