•Past life therapy PLT


4 x 1 hour hypnosis session.
PLT seeks to heal present life conflicts which
stem from traumatic events in prior lifetimes,
utilizing reincarnation memories. There are at
least four levels of meaning of the past life
regression experience.
1st level It’s fun to explore one’s past it’s
simply an excursion through time.
2nd level is the therapeutic level many emotional
problems and conflicts are quickly and effectively
solved through past life regression therapy usually
in far fewer sessions then with conventional therapy.
Many physical ailments are considered to be
psychosomatic, and these conditions may begin to
ease with PLT.
3rd level is an educational journey into the
spiritual reality, the so called inner planes of
consciousness . There’s a deeper realization of
purpose in life (or lives), a clearer sense of
the meaning of relationships and the transpersonal
aspect of existence.
4th level of the altered-state regression experience
is the ineffable feeling of oneness, of being
connected to all and everything in the universe,
being part of God, Goddess, All that is.
In truth, Past lives therapy is a spiritual
Some applications for past-lives therapy are
for resolving and treating; psychosomatic
(physical condition caused or aggravated by
a mental factor such as internal conflict or
stress) conditions, Phobia, fear, suspicion,
depression, eating disorders, recovering lost
talents, historical exploration, tracing
relationships, incest, physical ailments,
animal lifetimes, finding purpose in life,
exploring the spiritual reality, hidden
standard of perfection, recall the
original separation from the Source as an
individual spark of consciousness.

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