•Healing the inner child


4 x 1 hour hypnosis session.
To heal the inner child from previous
traumatic events in earlier life, that
still has an impact today.
A psycho-therapeutic or spiritual process
of changing yourself to become the person
you know you can be. Most of us have had
some wounding to our inner child. Perhaps
our vulnerable and sensitive inner child
needs healing. Whether our wounding was
caused by a childhood friend moving away,
physical or psychological abuse, or a
broken family, the resulting pain will
live with us for the rest of our lives
and we may be reminded of the pain unexpectedly.
If we do inner-child work by connecting to the
little boy/girl within us, we can reconnect with
some of the reasons for our adult fears, phobias
and life patterns. When we begin to understand
them, then healing, and transformation can occur.

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4 x 1 hour hypnosis session., 4 x 1 hour hypnosis session web chat.


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